Reasons #513, 514, 515, 516, 517, & 518

* How Many More Do They Need? Bob Enyart presents encouragement to parents, selecting examples only from news stories that were published just today, to pull their son or daughter out of public school.

Bob Enyart intentionally misquotes the Bible, 9/19/18* Pastor Steve Laments Christians Who Vote Only for Money: But hey, isn't that what God says in the Bible, that money is the thing that's most important? Bob is not sure where that verse is, but thinks it might be Proverbs 16:8.

* Bob and Pastor Steve Talk About the Romney Christians: Remember that Jesus didn't like the Herodians. They were a group of conservatives in Israel 2,000 years ago who were not inclined to trust in God but who were pragmatic political activists who supported the lesser of two evils (either they would be ruled by Rome, alone, or by one of their own, King Herod, admittedly a murderer, but still, he was at least a national leader, although under the control of Caesar in Rome). And Jesus didn't like the Publicans either. So now, we're trying it again, with the Re-publicans. Also, Bob shared with Pastor Steve news about the good church in Connecticut that is not only voting for Romney (because, really, he's pro-life), but they're also voting for the outright pro-abortion Republican U.S. Senate candidate.

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