RSR: The Origin of Earth's Radioactivity

Click for Walt Brown's radioactivity theory (and to learn about this Z-pinch machine)* How Did Radioactive Decay Start in Earth's Crust? Real Science Radio co-hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams describe Walt Brown's Hydroplate Theory from his book, In the Beginning, and Dr. Brown's discovery of the origin of Earth's radioactivity. Consider:

- God created a paradise for mankind so no radioactivity would have existed on the original Earth because radioactive decay can cause birth defects, disease, and death.
- The fourth state of matter, beyond solid, liquid, and gas, is plasma (lightning, neon lights, etc.) which is like a gas but with the electrons stripped away.
- By the piezoelectric effect, pressure on quartz produces an electric voltage and the granite in the Earth's crust is more than one-fourth quartz.
- Z-pinched electrical pulses produce nuclear combustion producing heavier elements by stripping away electrons and then squeezing together nuclei. 
- Atmospheric lightning produces new isotopes (most of which decay within minutes). 
2017 Update: Nature reports that lightning storms "trigger atmospheric photonuclear reactions" that produce isotopes. [In 2010 Dr. Brown published his Radioactivity theory including references to little noticed research showing that atmospheric lightning produces radioisotopes (and also explains the Oklo Natural "Reactor").]

"Walt Brown  was here" sign on pier during lightning strike as scientists discover lightning produces radioisotopes
2017 Science Headlines: Lightning produces radioisotopes. (See ITB since 2010.) 

- Earthquake Lights: Earthquakes produce piezoelectric lightning flashes in the ground and also, coming out of the ground. (See also
2017 Update: Twitter video of this phenomenon during Mexico's deadly magnitude 8.1 quake. [Thanks to RSR London listener Remy for the heads up.]
2016 Update: Video of earthquake lights surface, this time after New Zealand's magnitude 7.8 quake epicentered between Christchurch and Wellington.
2014 Update: A paper in the journal Seismological Research Letters is reported on in USA Today's Scientists find records of rare 'earthquake lights'.
2013 Update: This may be the phenomena causing the apparent pre-quake disturbances in the ionosphere that led scientists to consider a possible earthquake warning system, as reported in 2008 by BBC News, and pursued by the U.K. and Russia in 2011 and generating continued interest and research in 2013 in a European Geophysical Union conference presentation, and here with RSR's 2014 interview with QuakeFinder.
- The journal Nature reports that an average earthquake produces hundreds of millions of volts.
- During the upheaval of the global flood pressure in the crust produced enormous voltages that produced plasma surges in the crust.
- Those voltages smashed together the nuclei of atoms to create, in the crust, radioactive elements and massive, instantaneous apparent radioactive decay.
- Missing uniform distribution of earth's radioactivity: From our RSR debate with theoretical physicist (emphasis on the theoretical), Lawrence Krauss... The theory of chemical evolution claims that all of our radioactive elements were created in the explosion of stars, but that would predict a relatively uniform distribution on Earth, at least throughout the crust, and possibly the mantle too. However, Krauss agreed with Enyart's statement on air that 90% of Earth's radioactivity (uranium, thorium, etc.) is located in the continental crust, and Krauss added, a mystery for him, that it tends to concentrate around granite! That is, that 90% is not in the enormous amount of the crust which lies under the oceans, but our planet's radioactivity is concentrated in 1/3rd of 1% of the Earth's mass, in the continental crust. Krauss offered a partial explanation: that uranium was originally evenly distributed throughout (an alleged) molten earth but being a large atom, it floated toward the surface. This would only explain the relative absence of radioactivity deep in the Earth, but not uranium's distancing itself from the mantle and the oceanic crust, and its affinity for the continents and even, of all things, for granite. Further, under Krauss' assumption, if virtually all uranium floated to near the surface, then the gold in the crust should have sunk to the core! The creationists, on the other hand, have a theory based on observational science as to why radioactivity is concentrated around granite.
- Non-HPT flood models have a "heat problem" including because their accelerated decay explanation of Earth's radioactive elements would melt much of the Earth if it had actually happened as they envision. Regarding Catastrophic Plate Tectonics, for example, see RSR's Global Flood video just below, beginning at 25:29 in. The HPT on the other hand explains the origin of Earth's crustal radioactive materials in a way that removes heat! Wikipedia's nuclear binding energy article accurately explains: "For elements that weigh more than iron (a nucleus with 26 protons), the fusion process no longer releases energy. In even heavier nuclei energy is consumed, not released, by combining similar sized nuclei."
- Carbon 14 Dating Subject to Less Havoc: From "Dr. Brown's theory for the origin of Earth's crustal radioactivity intrinsically explains the unreliability of heavy element radiometric dating of Earth rocks while recognizing Carbon 14 dating as relatively accurate (adjusting for the old earthers' erroneous assumption that 14c levels have been constant over the past 100,000 years). In the HPT, what appears to be accelerated radioactive decay applies to elements in the crust and inside the subterranean water chamber (i.e., beneath the firmament). This effect would not have applied to an element in the atmosphere, such as 14c. So as a result of widespread misunderstanding of Earth's history, old-earth geologists contend with infamously contradictory million- and billion-year radiometric dates, whereas carbon dating is not subject to the same extreme physical forces that play havoc with other radiometric dating methods."  


* Post-show Update: Physics experiments are demonstrating how all elements, including gold and silver, and radioactive elements like uranium and thorium, can be formed in the lab (and in the crust of the Earth as explained by Dr. Walt Brown's Hydropate Theory). Just click and search (ctrl-f) for the word: Kiev, to find the sidebar that begins like this: "Since February 2000, thousands of sophisticated experiments at the Proton-21 Electrodynamics Research Laboratory (Kiev, Ukraine) have demonstrated nuclear combustion by producing traces of all known chemical elements and their stable isotopes..."

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Real Science Radio on the periodic table* RSR's Favorite Periodic Table: Atheist Michael Dayah developed the web's coolest interactive periodic table of elements. We invite you to enjoy his while you pray for Michael! (And don't forget to fiddle with the slider.)

* RSR Callers Wayne and Darren about Radioactivity: In 2011, Wayne from Nebraska and Darren from St. George, Utah asked Bob about radioactive decay. They talked about:
- Carbon 14 able to date things only to thousands of years,
- Zircon crystals retain so much helium they disprove old dates, and
- Walt Brown's Hydroplate Theory on The Origin of Earth's Radioactivity!

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* The Written Debate with Atheist AronRa and Creationist Bob Enyart: The creation/evolution debate on the British website League of Reason continues with Bob's post in Round Four.


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