Cal Zastrow Sues Montana for Censorship Law

* Personhood Leader Cal Zastrow on BEL: Cal was arrested in Billings, Montana for gathering signatures on the public sidewalk. In preparing his defense, with his attorney Matthew Monforton of Bozeman they decided to file suit against the State of Montana in federal court for their horrendous censorship law that specifically calls out Christian ministers, among others, and attempts to prohibit preachers, ministers, etc., from even urging or persuading others to vote a certain way. Of course this is a grotesque violation of God-given freedoms.

* The Montana Censorship Statute 13-35-218(2): "No person who is a minister, preacher, priest, or other church officer or who is an officer of any corporation or organization, religious or otherwise, may, other than by public speech or print, urge, persuade, or command any voter to vote or refrain from voting for or against any candidate, political party ticket, or ballot issue submitted to the people because of his religious duty or the interest of any corporation, church, or other organization."

* Montana Personhood Coalition: You can support the current Montana personhood peition drive by going to and you can contact Cal Zastrow there or by emailing him at!

* Will Retiring Neal Boortz Keep His Word to BEL: During the Boortz/Enyart Debate on a National Sales Tax, Neal Boortz promised the audience that he would put a link to that debate on his own homepage for a week. Neal has yet to do that. Any suggestions on how to get Neal to keep his word on this?

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