RSR: Good Mutations Occurring On Demand

* Blyth Institute Research on Mutation By Design: Bob Enyart interviews Jonathan Bartlett, the layman who founded the Blyth Institute (.org) after spending years researching the nature of mutations to understand the genetic disease that tragically took the lives of his two young children. It turns out that while many mutations are random and apparently neutral or often harmful, our body itself intentionally induces a large percentage of mutations and targets them often at miniscule segments of the DNA with beneficial and needed results.

* 2016 Update
: As our go-to guy for targeted antibodies, Bartlett returned to RSR to explain the science behind the latest extraordinary cancert treatment results from a clinical trial in which 33 of 35 advanced-stage Leukemia sufferers have seen their disease go into remission!

* Frequent Beneficial Targeted Antibody Mutations: The antibodies in our white blood cells have millions of different designs that enable them to attach to and destroy millions of different kinds of germs. When a harmful microbe enters the body, one that our immune system has never encountered before, we may need a customized antibody to attack it. To get this new antibody, a small section of the DNA has to be changed, i.e. mutated, to attack this the new germ. But of the three billion base pairs in human DNA, new antibodies would appear only if a mutation happened in a tiny section of 600 base pairs. This "variable region" codes only for the part of the antibody that attaches to the germ. Thankfully, that specific part of our DNA has frequent mutations, at a rate far more than the average. And the neighboring antibody segment also has 600 base pairs (which are like rungs on the DNA ladder). That "constant region" forms the other half of the antibody. We DO NOT want that part mutated, because mutations there would likely harm the immune system. But wonderfully, the mutations DO occur very frequently in variable region, where they tend to be beneficial, and NOT in the constant region, where some might be neutral but where most would likely be harmful or even lethal.

* Evolutionists Deny Virtual Tautology: Many evolutionists cannot admit the obvious about all this, that: because there is a much higher incidence of mutations occurring where they are needed, therefore this is happening, not by random chance, but intentionally. By design. Yet, even though this is virtually a tautology, they deny it. This high-frequency mutating at a targeted miniscule region of DNA cannot be happening randomly, as neo-Darwinism would suggest. For, if all that mutation were random, it would be happening throughout the DNA molecule. But this intensity of mutation is happening just where it's most needed, and that is the opposite of random. Yet, many atheists cannot acknowledge this, because fear stops them: the fear of seeing evidence for the Designer.

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