RSR: Bob Has a Great Weight on His Shoulders

Atheists: Life, Not Life* Bob Enyart and Fred Williams Talk About Air and Life: The Real Science Radio co-hosts talk about animals, both on land and in the sea, designed to live comfortably with the enormous amounts of atmospheric and water pressure pressing in and down on us. The guys recommend that everyone subscribe to Answers Magazine from Ken Ham's Answers in Genesis ministry, where they found the article, Air Mass: A Weighty Topic in the 2012 winter edition.

* Florida Listener Asks about Amino Acids and Abortion: Isaac from Florida asked Bob and Fred to ponder the contradictory claims of many atheists regarding abiogenesis and abortion. By the way, abiogenesis is the study of how biological life might arise from inanimate matter through natural processes. (In their current debate on creation, Bob and the atheist AronRa both mentioned Lord Kelvin, a leading scientist who worked for decades after the publication of Darwin's Origin. Please consider his quote on abiogenesis from from the address he delivered as president of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, when after referencing the "vast mass of inductive evidence" in science, Lord Kelvin wrote:

"I am ready to adopt, as an article of scientific faith, true through all space and through all time, that life proceeds from life, and from nothing but life." -Kelvin

NASA astrobiologist admits water is a problem for life arising naturally. See
In a related matter...

So, comparing abiogenesis to abortion, our listener Isaac references a 1952 experiment in which Miller and Urey synthesized amino acids in a test tube. Talk about better living through chemistry! That was an important accomplishment. But while amino acids are the building blocks of biological molecules, amino acids are not life. So Isaac points out a contradiction:

1) That amino acids are claimed as a representation of life (yet there is not even a living cell). And:
2) The male or female embryo, so full of living cells with his or her own DNA, etc... is not human life.

Now, American Right To Life has an article about the atheistic abortion activists who would contradict themselves by claiming that acid is life but an embryro is not life.

In a related story, after visiting the Denver Museum of Nature and Science with dozens of creationists and a local reporter, Bob pointed out a misleading exhibit headline referring to the 1953 Miller/Urey synthesis of amino acids which read: Life Created in the Lab? Bob wrote a letter to the editor to the Colorado Springs Gazette asking, "It's been fifty years since that Miller experiment! Don't they know if they made life yet or not?"

* Student from the School of Mines Weighs in on AronRa: Bob and Fred interview a local engineering student, Mark Bernhardt, about Bob's current debate with AronRa. It's fun!

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