Unauthorized Recording: NRTL 5 Years Later

* HEAR: Bob Enyart's 9-minute testimony on behalf of Colorado Right To Life. For the five-year anniversary of this event, Bob airs this unauthorized broadcast from a closed-door National RTL Board Meeting from the group's annual convention in Kansas City, Missouri in 2007 during which CRTL testified to the fifty board members and blasted the national group for its immoral and failed anti-abortion strategy.

* WANTED: Someone to Create a YouTube Video from this Unauthorized Audio: (Not of the whole show, no, just the audio clip.) If you can volunteer to create a YouTube video from the 9-minute unauthorized recording in this program, please email both Bob@KGOV.com and DarrellBirkey@gmail.com. We can then suggest to you some photos to help fill the video with, and provide you with a higher-quality audio recording of the clip (please don't use this one that's online).

* HISTORY: Colorado RTL pushed the national committee until it finally kicked out CRTL, for the CRTL state directors considered get kicked out preferable to unilaterally severing the ties. So on today's program you'll hear CRTL spokesman Bob Enyart rebuke National Right To Life's president Wanda Franz and their board for undermining personhood by violating God's enduring command, Do not murder. And see also, the Pro-life Profile of NRTL.

* Every Justice Endorsed by NRTL Has Rejected the Baby's Right To Life: What immorality. See this screenshot from NRTL's homepage on April 7, 2017 and compare it to what Gorsuch had testified (not unlike every other Republican Justice since Roe v. Wade, all of whom have agreed with the central holding of that opinion and have themselves rejected that the unborn child has a right to life.)

Yet Gorsuch legitimizes denying a baby's right to life

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