Re-Run: AUL Lawyer Paul Linton Opposes Personhood on BEL

AUL / NRTL-affiliated pro-life atty travels the country opposing personhood* Bob Enyart Debates Long-time AUL Attorney Paul Linton: The former general counsel for Americans United for Life (AUL) Paul Linton represents is the pro-life lawyers, politicians, and fundraisers who oppose all efforts to enforce the God-given right to life of unbron children. Jefferson George, vice president of American Right To Life, has requested permission to get a transcription of today's program to use at as the body of their upcoming profile of AUL. Lord willing, when that happens, we'll let our KGOV listeners know and link to that profile and the transcript of this debate.

* Pro-life Profiles: See the Pro-life Profile of Mitt Romney and John Roberts.

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