Lawsuit Threatens Bob Enyart's Ministry

* Trying to “Bring it All Down, Man”: Bob’s guest host Doug McBurney explains Bob’s mysterious absence these past few days… turns out Bob’s been busy hemorrhaging money responding to a trademark lawsuit filed in Manhattan against Bob & Fred Williams, claiming “Real Science Radio” is infringing the trademark held by National Public Radio syndicated Science Friday, Inc. The suit is seeking damages in the six figures and threatens to severely impact not only Bob’s ministry; but creation ministries across the globe, as the law is used as a weapon to silence God’s word that He is our Creator.

* A Couple Recent Examples:
- refusal to continue the accreditation of the Institute for Creation Research school when it moved from California to Texas
- a George W. Bush appointed federal judge in Dover, PA prohibits providing students with evidence for design in biology

* The Devil & William Costello: ...and former governor Dick Lamm, and Democrat operative Mike Stratton… and who knows who else! Seems the alleged serial rapist (and thug who attacked Personhood petitioner Everett Stadig) has connections with top Democrats in Colorado. Doug posits the theory that his connections may have influenced prosecutors to file a less serious “2nd degree” assault charge in the pro-life assault case. Could it be that Costello was trying to use his political connections to avoid a felony charge? But that the facts of case and witness statements left prosecutors unable to file misdemeanor charges against even a well connected Colorado liberal pro-abort? And the felony charge led to the DNA match, that led to his arrest for multiple rapes. Food for thought…

* Something About Elmo: The voice of “Sesame Street” character “Elmo” has resigned in light of allegations that he’s a child molester. Reason number 613 NOT to allow Sesame Street into your home! Oh yes, and we wish we could forget this, from our show:

Disney Normalizing a Child Molester: Disney’s aggressive promotion of homosexuality is likely what led them to help the convicted child molester Victor Salva produce his movie Powder. The court proceedings revealed that Salva had videotaped himself molesting a young boy. In his movie, just after a scene in a boy's locker room shower, his main character is beat up just because he's different. Imagine the double-standard outrage that would exist if a church had hired a convicted child molester to make such a film.

* Just-a-System: Hear how one inmates deathbed confession to murder get’s him “life”, and another’s insistence that “I’m guilty! Please convict me quickly so I can get back to lockup and watch Monday Night Football,” get’s him… well, nothing really, except the ability to watch all the football he can until his sentence is carried out… in 15, or 20, or 30 years, all reminiscent of Bob's popular adage, "It's no longer a justice system, now it's just a system."

* Sin & The Government School: Doug reads the latest horror story coming out of the government schools and asserts that it is a sin for a Christian to send his child to the government schools.

* Happy Thanksgiving: On the occasion of this true Christian original, the American Thanksgiving Day holiday, we wish all of you and your families a blessed time of refreshing in the Lord, and give our humble thanks to Him for the manifold blessings we daily enjoy!