McBurney By the Numbers

* Barbara Reads Her Bible! Listen in as Bob’s guest host Doug McBurney asks the brightest audience in the nation for a little help unraveling a seemingly mysterious passage in Philippians 2:10. Thankfully Barbara was out there with some insight that further developed Doug’s understanding of “every knee” bowing and confessing Jesus is Lord!

* The Drone Wars Begin: Listen in a Doug reveals his fear of drones… but then covers the story of some pigeon hunting marksmen that should give us all hope!

* Will Nimrod Prevail in Palestine? After enduring more than 8000 rocket attacks in the past few years, Israel has struck back at the Islamists occupying Gaza. But remembering Bob’s story about the first baby born in the modern state of Israel, (named Nimrod) and ask yourself if modern day Israel can rely on divine protection…

* Hate to Agree with the Caliphate… But: Egypt’s top prosecutor has called for a ban on pornographic websites. Doug points out that the torrent of sexual immorality in America will be stopped; it’s just whether it will be at the hands of the Christians, or the Moslems…

The 113th, in 2013, under the 44th: the 2013 American Congress will be the 113th congress, presided over by the 44th president. This is a numerologically uncomfortable situation we find ourselves in. And it’s not just the numerology folks, it’s the lying, thieving, baby killing, homo-loving politicians as well!

* The San Francisco Treat: San Francisco has slid so far down to hell in their brightly colored hand basket that a local city supervisor is planning a vote to enforce a dress code… well, really just clothing upon the Castro district!

* Just a System: While somewhere I America a judge is forcibly shaving Islamist terrorist Nidal Hassan, a judge in Cleveland has ordered a motor vehicle scofflaw to wear a sing in public asserting her idiocy. But when the justice system becomes “just-a-system” who are the real idiots?