RSR Fact Checks with Jonathan Sarfati

Dawkin's Greatest Hoax* The World's Best-selling Creation Author on RSR: Creation Ministries International's Dr. Jonathan Sarfati talks to Bob Enyart about the most recent scientific discoveries which have been disturbing the evolutionists. Real Science Radio is happy to get input from a Ph.D. chemist who's done post-graduate work in nuclear physics, on the science themes that we've covered so far this year. UPDATE: See also our 2014 interview,

* Jonathan Sarfati Coming To Denver: You are invited to join Bob in attending the Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship meeting to hear Dr. Sarfati, the world's most-popular creation scientist! Click for more info. Opportunities to see Dr. Sarfati:
- Fri, Nov. 9, 7 pm, Lakewood, Rocky Mtn Creation Fellowship, 2100 N. Wadsworth
- Sat. Nov. 10, 7 pm, Longmont, Faith Baptist Church, 833 15th Ave
- Sun Nov. 11, 9am & 10am, Longmont, Faith Baptist
- Sun. Nov. 11, 6pm, Littleton, 6100 S. Divinney Way

* FLASHBACK: Dr. Sarfati Rebuts Richard Dawkins:  The world's #1 creation author takes on the world's #1 evolution author Richard Dawkins. The pro-evolution book, The Greatest Show on Earth, is refuted by Dr. Sarfati's The Greatest Hoax on Earth! In this chat with Jonathan Sarfati, BEL's producer re-airs a caller from 1997 who asked about Dawkins and Bob pointed out then that in all Dawkins' books, this famous atheist doesn't give evidence for evolution: he only assumes it is true. Dr. Sarfati agrees and quotes from Dawkins own book in which he admits that he had never given the evidence for evolution. Huh! [Update: BEL has now spliced audio of Dawkins admitting exactly what Bob had accused him of back in that 1997 call. See it below or on YouTube: Dawkins Proves Creationist Right.)

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* Enyart's Creationist Claim from 1997 Eventually Confirmed By Richard Dawkins: On national TV, Bob Enyart claimed that Richard Dawkins' books never presented any evidence for evolution but only the assumption that evolution were true. A dozen years later, Dawkins admits that in all of his previous books, he only assumed, but did not provide evidence for evolution. That vindicates Bob Enyart's direct statement to a caller who recommended that Bob read Dawkins (which Bob had done, but which the caller had not). See it unfold: