Mitt Romney Hates Abortion!

* Getting Along: Doug McBurney noted the sad, premature passing of Rodney King and asked Bob to answer King's famous question: "Why can’t we all just get along?"

* Three Birds, One Stone: Regarding Bill Nye, the Science Sponge, and Nye's attack against creationists in his claim that evolution is irrefutable fact, Bob was determined to limit his rebuttal to talking about only the lowly sponge. (Although, in the process, unintentionally, plate tectonics got wiped out also :)

* The Coming Insurrection: Bob tells co-host Doug McBurney all about a strategy initiated by American Right To Life five years ago to end abortion by raising social tension to the point that the RE-publican party HATES abortion enough to END IT (not, of course, that they'd hate the killing of innocent children, no; but just that they'd hate abortion as a political issue; much like William Willberforce getting the Brits to outlaw slavery, not because they suddenly loved black people, but because they just couldn't put up with the constant agitation by a minority fighting for the rights of Africans). Today, as the political campaign unfolds, we can see Mitt Romney’s disdain for the topic (though not for the act), intensifying…

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