IVoteProLifeFirst! But That Website Doesn't

* Manipulative Pro-life Website Attempting to Steal the Personhood High Ground: IVoteProLifeFirst.com is one of a hundred typical Republican get-out-the-vote, faux-life scams to deceive Christians into voting for pro-abortion politicians. For the truth, see RepublicansAgainstRomney.com. This routine election-cycle manipulation of Christians is a particularly harsh betrayal of the innocent because it seeks to cloak itself in the moral high ground of the no-exceptions personhood movement by urging pro-lifers to take a principled pledge. But then, of course, as all the speakers in their event this evening are campaigning to elect the aggressive child killer Mitt Romney, Christians who take their godly-sounding pledge will then be immediately manipulated to violate that pledge. Sadly, this repeats exactly what  Dr. James Dobson has done.

* Website Asks Christians To Take and Then Violate This Pledge:

I pledge that I will never
support or vote fora candidate
who endorses the killing
of pre-born children.

* Christians Not Learning From History: Tragically, just like liberals, the IVoteFauxLifeFirst website is failing to learn anything from history. What a tragedy. May God have mercy on them. Recall this from the 2008 election cycle:

For Immediate Release:

James Dobson Violates
Pledge Made Invoking God

Colorado Springs, CO - American RTL Action, the political 527 group, is exposing Focus on the Family's Dr. James Dobson for violating his public pledge in which he invoked the name of God. Dr. Dobson violated his pledge by declaring that he is voting for John McCain. ARTL members will protest Dr. Dobson at his headquarters in Colorado Springs on Thursday, September 4.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil
is for good men to support that evil." -Will

On April 28, 1990 at the Washington D.C. Rally for Life on video and to hundreds of thousands of Christians, Dr. Dobson stated, "I want to give a pledge to you on a political level... I have determined that for the rest of my life, however long God lets me live on this earth, I will never cast one vote for any man or woman who would kill one innocent baby." (See pledge video below.) James Dobson has endorsed John McCain for president, a Republican who has recently voted to authorize funding to kill some children by surgical abortion.

American RTL Action calls upon Jim Daly, the president of Focus, to take down the video of Dr. Dobson's pledge which still plays for visitors at their Welcome Center. Dr. Dobson has broken the public oath which he repeated over a period of years including on his Focus on the Family radio program in March of 1995 saying, "I am committed never again to cast a vote for a politician who would kill one innocent baby," referring to the rape and incest 'exceptions,' "which are a window to the soul of a 'pro-life' candidate," said ARTL Action president Steve Curtis.

"John McCain funds the killing of countless children," said the group's director of research Darrell Birkey, "for example by voting to allocate monies on Oct. 27, 2005 for tax-funded surgical abortion if the baby's father is a criminal, that is, a rapist." The official Senate.gov site documents McCain's Yea vote on the Health and Human Services Appropriations Public Law 109-149 and the Government Printing Office documents that McCain's vote authorized funding for surgical abortion to kill an unborn child whose father is a criminal as the law states, SEC. 507. (a) "funds are appropriated in this Act" that includes coverage of abortion, SEC. 508. (a) (1) "if the pregnancy is the result of an act of rape or incest."

[Of course National RTL misleads Christians on Republican candidates by ignoring their pro-abortion votes; and they claim that McCain: "Voted consistently against federal funding of abortion," by ignoring his votes that funded abortion; funded dissecting the tiniest children; gave millions to Planned Parenthood; etc. A NRTL 100% rating is a near-certain indicator that a Republican is pro-choice with exceptions.]

"Dr. Dobson is violating the pledge he took before God," said Birkey, "by voting for John McCain. Both the Sarah Palin distraction, and the candidate's rhetoric to Rick Warren claiming he believes that human rights begin at conception, are belied by John McCain's long tolerance of chemical abortifacients and funding of the dissection of the tiniest embryonic boys and girls."

"In violating his 1990 pledge in which he invoked the name of God, Dr. Dobson has lost the moral authority to speak for Christians," said Curtis. "He can speak for Republicans who do not fear God, but he cannot speak for the Body of Christ. Jim Daly, please remove that video of Dr. Dobson's broken pledge from the Focus on the Family Welcome Center; you dishonor the Lord as you portray Dr. Dobson as principled and as keeping his oath before God."

Last week ARTL Action unfurled the massive Sheets Of Shame abortion protest sign on a mountain overlooking the DNC in Denver. "American RTL will expose both Republican and Democratic politicians who advocate the killing of unborn children," said Curtis, who is also a former chairman of the Colorado Republican Party. And ARTL Action reminds Dr. Dobson that Jesus Christ in the Sermon on the Mount warned His followers against invoking God's name in an oath, and regardless, forbade them from breaking their word. In the New Testament the apostle James wrote, "Do not swear, either by heaven or by earth or with any other oath. But let your 'Yes' be 'Yes,' and your 'No,' 'No,' lest you fall into judgment."

John McCain repeatedly votes to give millions of dollars to foreign and domestic abortion providers including Planned Parenthood. One week after pro-abortion Rudi Giuliani dropped out of the primary race, Republicans for Choice endorsed John McCain. And his Sanctity of Life campaign webpage doesn't even mention the words conception, rape, incest, fertilization, nor the phrase human life amendment. Further, McCain refused to co-sponsor U.S. Senator Roger Wicker's life-saving S.3111 and refuses to endorse Colorado's historic Personhood amendment initiative which is on their statewide November ballot. "McCain is as Jesus warned in Matthew 7:15," said Birkey, "a wolf in sheep's clothing, manipulating Christians into voting for someone who continues to kill the innocent preborn."

American RTL Action has a test for a Christian to rank his own loyalty to God as compared to Republican politics. A believer need only consider whether he approves of Dr. Dobson violating the pledge he made before God to increase the chance of victory for a Republican in November. As Jesus said, "No man can have two masters," yet Focus on the Family leads Christians to worship the Republican Party as an idol. American Right To Life Action urges everyone, please trust and obey God above all.

Please read this letter from Focus on the Family which admits that Dr. Dobson has compromised on the pledge he made before God and then, sadly, tries to justify that blatant sin.

The Dobson Broken-Pledge Protest on TV-11 and Fox 31: See the Colorado Springs TV-11 news report of the American RTL protest exposing Dr. James Dobson's violation of his pledge in which he invoked the name of God. In this report, Focus on the Family continues its misinformation campaign fabricating pro-life positions of Republicans. Remember the previous misinformation from Focus about the PBA ban outlawing all third-trimester abortions? Well, in yet another example of Focus personnel disseminating blatantly false information, vice president of public policy Tom Minnery claimed, "I believe, that if he [John McCain] becomes president, we will see him turn around and agree with president Bush on a very strong, no exceptions prohibition to embryonic stem cell research." The absurdity and blatant falsehood here is that George W. Bush DOES NOT advocate a ban on killing ANY embryonic boys and girls; instead, he authorizes funding to dissect and kill these snowflake children. President Bush has NEVER advocated a ban on dissecting and killing the tiniest boys and girls by the grisly research done on embryos, but rather has actually become the first president ever to fund such Mengele-esque lethal harvesting of human parts. Worse, his immoral legacy may have had the effect of jumpstarting research on these tiniest of kids. We will report it here if Focus on the Family ever publicly corrects this latest falsehood. And further, if McCain didn't change his support for killing the tiniest children to get the support of Christians during any of his presidential primaries, win or lose, it is absurd to deceive Christians into thinking that he will do so now that he has the support of the pro-life industry.

And Denver's Fox 31 report shows that even though Focus on the Family won't privately discuss the pressing issue of Dr. Dobson violating his pledge before God, they have been debating the issue with American RTL publicly through the media.

Cindy McCain - John is Pro-Roe...

For more information:
American RTL Action


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