J.C. Watts with Bob Enyart & Gregg Jackson

* Great Pro-Family Leader Sees Pro-family Corruption: Wow. J.C. Watts is one of America's shining lights. As a leading U.S. congressman in the conservative Christian pro-life community, J.C. was chosen to deliver the Republican reply to Bill Clinton's State of the Union address early in his service to the country. On today's broadcast, J.C. affirmed the central political and moral message of Bob Enyart Live, that the pro-family industry has gone astray and today promotes those who are the enemy of the family, the child, marriage, and the Body of Christ. In studio with Bob, Gregg Jackson hears J.C. give the most powerful endorsement of the book that Gregg wrote with Steve Deace, We Won't Get Fooled Again: Where the Christian Right Went Wrong, and How to Make America Right Again.

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