2007-2012 Five Year Review

* Since CRTL's Historic 40 Years Event: Well, first...
- April 25, 1967: Colorado's Repub. Gov. OKs some abortion
- April 18, 2007: Supreme Court's wicked PBA ruling
- April 25, 2007: Forty Years in the Wilderness filmed
- 40 Years, 50 Million Dead, One Commitment pledge
- Full-page Open Letter Newspaper Ads to Dr. Dobson 

Watch ARTL's groundbreaking Focus on the Strategy II with its cameo appearances from Notre Dame law professor Charles Rice, Ambassador Alan Keyes, Life Dynamic's Mark Crutcher, American Life League president Judie Brown, and founding board member of Nat'l RTL John Archibold and hear from Focus on the Family, Hugh Hewitt, LifeNews publisher Steve Ertelt, Laura Ingraham, Bill Kristol, and finally, Dr. James Dobson, all revealing the most shocking truths:

- CRTL's First NRTL Hospitality Suite at Nat'l RTL Convention
- Time Magazine reports launch of American RTL
- World's Largest Protest Sign: DNC Destroys Unborn Children
- Focus on the Strategy III: 3-pronged strategy to end abortion.
  * 1. Criminalize: recriminalize the killing of the unborn and other innocents through personhood efforts
  * 2. Demoralize: create unbearable social tension and ensure that there is no child killing with tranquility to coerce the government to stop the shedding innocent blood
  * 3. Evangelize: persuade individuals by education and evangelism to honor the God-given right to life
- Colorado's Amendment 48 (3-to-1 defeat)
- Pro-life Leaders Launch Personhood USA
- Colorado's Amendment 62 (narrowed loss to just a 2-to-1 margin)
- Mississippi Amendment 26 (42% yes vote)
    (These are defeats only if we give up; otherwise the trend shows the stepping stones to victory!)
- ProlifeProfiles.com is launched changing the political landscape
- ARTL's Must-Read Groundbreaking Articles:
  * Oppose Abortion Regulations Because...
  * The Bible and Abortion
  * Burning Buildings and Half-a-Loaf "...one of the BEST articles I've ever read! WOW!" -Rebecca Kiessling
* Oppose "Exceptions" Because...
  * NRTL offered $10,000 to name one pro-life Justice
- 300,000 signatures (and counting) in Colorado
- Over a million personhood signatures nationwide (and counting)
- And the rest is history... literally!

MUST SEE VIDEO: Focus on the Strategy II


* Today's Resource: A pro-life hero said it best: For the rest of my life, I'm indebted to you. I got your documentary, Focus on the Strategy II. You gave me seven simple words, and I will never look at another piece of pro-life legislation without saying those words. It's a bad law if it concludes, "and then you can kill the baby." - U.S. Congressman Bob Dornan

* The Latest Must-See Creation DVD: Bob highly recommends the fabulous new creation video, Programming of Life! "This is the video that I've been waiting 20 years to see!" -Russ Holmes, board operator, BEL

Last Day To Ask Gov. Mary Fallin to Unblock the Personhood Bill: TODAY, Thu. April 26, is the last day to call 405-521-2342 to help PersonhoodOK.com. "I'm calling to support personhood and to urge Gov. Fallin to find a way to get Bill 1433 to her desk."