The Creation Science Hall of Fame

* Real Science Radio Talks to the CSHF Chairman: RSR co-host Bob Enyart introduces Nick Lally, chairman of the board of the Creation Science Hall of Fame, to our creationist friends in the audience.

* 2015 Update: Bob Enyart is honored to have been inducted into the Creation Science Hall of Fame!

* Lally and Enyart also Discuss
- creation scientists who should be honored, even though they don't move within the circles of the mega-ministries
- the human and dinosaur footprint argument that creation ministries should begin using
- the dust on the moon argument that creation ministries should begin using, and
- the career-killing persecution of scientists who merely question Darwinism.

Bio: Bob Enyart co-hosts Real Science Radio and pastors Denver Bible Church. Bob first had a technical career working:
- at McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Company on the Army's Apache helicopter
- as a systems analyst for "Baby Bell" U S West
- as a program manager for Microsoft, and
- as a senior analyst for PC Week
Bob became a believer in 1973, entered full-time Christian work in 1989, and in 1991 began hosting a daily show on America's most powerful Christian radio station, the 50,000-watt AM 670 KLTT. In 1999, the elders and pastor of Denver's Derby Bible Church ordained Bob into the ministry. In 2000, Derby planted Denver Bible Church with Bob as pastor and in 2015 as a host of Real Science Radio Bob was inducted into the Creation Science Hall of Fame.

* Dr. Sarfati Coming Nov. 9th to Denver: RSR is excited to announce that the world's leading creation author, Dr. Jonathan Sarfati, will be in Denver at the Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship on Friday night, Nov. 9.

* BEL burns the Award given to O.J. Simpson by the NFL Hall of Fame: As mentioned today, Bob Enyart, Doug McBurney, and other friends burned on the steps of the Los Angeles courthouse the memorabilia items we purchased in Hollywood at auction, including O.J. Simpson's Hall of Fame award, and the jersey he signed in 1968 when he won the Heisman trophy, which had been hanging in his living room when he was arrested for murder. Find out more at

* Updated: RSR's single-page site,, is the web's most complete catalog of peer-reviewed journal papers confirming the existence of original biological tissue from dinosaurs. This week we've added a report of soft tissue from a leg bone of an allegedly 80-million-year-old dinosaur. Also, our site is now "above the fold" on Google's first page of results for those who search for: dinosaur soft tissue. We're now at #5 and beating out Science Daily,, and, most rewarding, we're beating PZ Myers' Science Blog site and Discover Magazine's infamous article, Schweitzer's Dangerous Discovery!

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