Finally! A Shovel Ready (Manure) Project

* Obama Finally Finds a Shovel Ready Project! Barack Obama's Department of Agriculture is spending $5 million to build a "biogas anaerobic digester" that will use cow manure to produce "clean energy." They say this will produce as many as fifteen permanent jobs.  But jobs doing what?

* Post-show Note: See Bob's Round Two post on pot at

* Fun with Technology! A new microchip can pinpoint your location within a foot and even tell what floor of a building you're on. Bob and Doug McBurney talk about how such things, including the GPS system, work.

* How Smart is Smart Glass: Speaking of technological advances, Google is coming out with glasses that can be used as a "heads up display" where the wearer can see icons and use them just like on a smart phone to text, get the weather, directions or perform any of a thousand different functions.

* Fido Goes to Heaven: Pastor Rick Warren of the mega-church Saddleback, says that dogs go to heaven. Hey, how about snakes?

* Liberal is as Liberal Does: John Holdren, Obama's assistant for science and technology, who has advocated for forced abortions, involuntary sterilization, global government, confiscation of infants and other radical positions, once advised former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney on environmental policy. In 2006, when Romney was governor, Massachusetts became the first state to regulate carbon dioxide emissions. Like Romney's liberal health care program in Massachusetts, the Obama administration can only dream of implementing such radical policies (but not for lack of trying).

* We're NumbMonthly Televised Classicser One, We're Number One: Bob and co-host Doug McBurney googled some of the common subjects and terms discussed on Bob Enyart Live. For many of these subjects, Google highly ranks KGOV and the pro-life websites that we support--many times as the number one site for given topics. Some examples are: Google: Sarah Palin pro-life, and comes up number one out of four million. "Ann Coulter" pro-life: ranks number one out of 14 million! Google: Life of the mother exception: four out of 60 million. And try googling: Romney abortion!

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