RSR: Good Little Rat, Bad Little Bat

Looks like a batmouse* Discover Magazine Thinks Mutated Finger Is A Big Step Toward Flight: Really! You just can't make this stuff up! Ha!! Real Science Radio co-hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams get a kick out of Discover Magazine claiming that a mouse with mutated fingers, "may have instigated the evolution of mammalian flight." Before pointing out why this sounds mickey mouse to us, first consider one of the many problems that evolutionists have, which Discover admits in their article: "The fossil records show a sudden appearance of mammals [i.e., bats, which are] nearly identical to modern bats about 50 million years ago—with no transitional forms." (And with all the variation that exists among modern bats, they could have just dropped the word "nearly" from their description of Darwin's problem.)

Singer Kelly Clinger getting ready to take off... :)* Singer Kelly Clinger To Take Flight: If long fingers could really instigate the evolution of mammalian flight, we'll have to check in with the Clingers to see if Matt and Kelly have been able to keep their kids on the ground. From the Mickey Mouse Club (the real one), to touring with Britney Spears, to standing up for the Lord and the innocent unborn child, personhood advocate Kelly Clinger is a hero to Real Science Radio! As for taking flight? Kelly wrote to RSR: "Just wanted you to know that my long fingers have never caused me to take flight! :)  Thanks for the shout out on Friday!" -Kelly Clinger

RSR recommends Dr. Carl Werner's Living Fossils video!

* Evolutionists Span Logical Impossibility with Imagination: Regarding the alleged evolution of flight, which evolutionists somehow imagine their way across, creationists point out that you'd get bad legs long before you got good wings. [Post-show Update: This is one of the reasons why Walter ReMine refers to naive natural selection, which the public thinks is the actual theory, wherein natural selection causes species to become increasingly fit. As it is actually described by a legion of evolutionist scientists, Darwinism has the most obtuse and conflicting mechanisms including a changing "fitness terrain" wherein something as beneficial as legs becomes less beneficial so much so that natural selection carries the genome of a legged species downhill (instead of uphill to better legs) and across a fitness valley to find an uphill fitness slope the climbing of which produces wings. Really.] Yet, notwithstanding our rejection of Darwin, by the end of today's program, Fred's already long fingers evolved to grow ever-so-slightly longer, and all it took was the most gentle breeze coming through the studio, and wouldn't you know it! Fred started to take flight.

* Vultures, Scavengers, Dobzhansky, and the Dead Sea: From the Spring 2012 edition of Answers magazine Bob and Fred talk about vultures, scavengers, bacteria in an unexpected place, and Theodosius Dobzhansky's objection to God creating niche creatures. And the guys correct Wikipedia and explain why vultures, with "prey" that does not move, need (and have) really great eyesight! And by the way, how would eyesight evolve? (Bob's reading a book right now that claims to answer that question! We'll see :)

* European Scientists to Build a Human Brain... Sort Of: Because these scientists don't have a Christian worldview, they think that matter and energy is all there is. So without a major paradigm shift, their research will be impeded even more so than the evolutionary assumption about Junk DNA which severely retarded the entire field of genetics. So RSR has contacted a neuroscientist for a possible future program on the spiritual brain.

* Today's Show Earns an Honorable Mention: The mutated-fingers-originating-flight bit, above, earns a spot on the Doctrine of Popularity for Evolutionists program. ""The most famous evolutionist is the one who can say the greatest absurdity with the straightest face."

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* RSR's List of Ways Darwin Retarded Science:
- Decades of Ignoring Most Genetic Information: Losing precious time that mankind and medicine can never recover, Darwinists insisted for decades (and many still do), that of the billions of nucleotides in the human genome (and others), most were nothing but junk DNA.
- A Century of Ignoring Dozens of Glands and Organs: Psychologically wanting to find leftovers of evolution in human (and other) bodies, Darwinists insisted that the many structures that are now known to be fully functional were vestigial.
- A Century of Dinosaur Tissue Decomposed: Vast quantities of otherwise discoverable biological material has disappeared forever, all because Darwinism led scientists to believe it was ridiculous even to look for it (just as they now claim it is ridiculous to carbon date diamonds, etc.).
- Years of Satisfaction with a Low-Quality Chimp Genome: With the chimpanzee genome playing such a central role in the alleged descent of man, one would think that evolutionists would lobby for a high quality genome. Instead, the 2005 chimp genome was done on the cheap. Further, its nucleotide sequences were pasted onto the human genome which was used as a framework. The evolutionary bias of that methodology obviously skews the results. Meanwhile, costs have declined greatly. Yet the Y chromosome and other chimp genetic discoveries have challenged evolutionary assumptions so the Darwin lobby hasn't been pushing for the sequencing of a high quality genome.
- Decades of Ignoring Genetic Science Altogether: To whatever extent he may have later considered Darwinism, Austrian monk Fr. Gregor Mendel, father of genetic science, performed his life's work and made his great discovery using his biblical creationist worldview. His theory, which identified biology's reproductive mechanism, was ignored and overlooked for decades due to the hype around Darwinism. Further, as Robert Crowther wrote, "Genetics is not the only biological discipline that owes nothing to Darwin. Most modern disciplines in biology -- including anatomy and physiology, zoology and botany, systematics and paleontology -- were founded by scientists who were either pre-Darwinian or anti-Darwinian."