Reasons #472 through #478

* The Harsh Truth About Public Schools: To accompany today's program, Bob Enyart recommends Bruce Shortt's vital book about the devastating consequences of a Christian (or anyone) sending his child to any one of America's public schools, which are all godless. Precious kids are destroyed by the thousands by the sophisticated indoctrination that gradually turns them against their parents and against Jesus Christ. After the influence of their public school education, millions of "Christian" young people reject the existence of moral truth, and blaspheme Jesus Christ by their belief that He sinned while on earth. Please pull your kids out of public school.

* The Personhood Petition Drive Needs You: Do you have a personhood petition? We're collecting about 100,000 signatures to get on Colorado's 2012 ballot and we need your help! Please call Colorado Right To Life at 303-753-9394 or email to ask for a petition and Donna will be happy to mail one to you! We need your help and an unborn child needs your help! Please don't delay! And if for any reason you just can't help collect signatures (let's say you live outside of Colorado), then please help financially with this crucial project! Just go to!

Today's Resource: Have you seen the Government Department at our KGOV Store? Today we are featuring Bruce Shortt's vitally-important book, The Harsh Truth about Public Schools. And check out the classic God's Criminal Justice System seminar, God and the Death Penalty, Live from Las Vegas, and Bob on Drugs DVDs, and our powerhouse Focus on the Strategy resources!