Somebody Has To Be in the Closet

* The First Shall be Third: Why does supposed frontrunner Romney keep coming in third in primaries? Pro-abortion, Pro-gay marriage, Pro-Romney (Obama) care, socialists, Republican Mitt Romney has no answers when asked about his record as governor of Massachusetts.

* Journal Says Killing Babies OK: An article published in the English "Journal of Medical Ethics" says it should be allowed, just as abortions are allowed, to kill newborn babies.

* 7 Days in Jail for Molestation: Oregon law allows for as little as 7 days in jail if an adult male purchases the services of a underage prostitute.

* Women Don't Like X Movies:  Hollywood's obsession with filth blinds them to the fact that G and PG rated films are preferred by movie goers and family friendly movies take in more money. 74% of young women and 58% of young boys don't want to see sex, violence nudity or profanity in films. Bob points out that the violence in movies isn't real while the nudity and profanity is.

* Expelled: The great movie  "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" showed several examples of professors, scientists and others being fired because they believed in Creation or Intelligent Design. Dr. Coppedge is suing NASA claiming he was let go for his views on Intelligent Design. The Judge will allow Dr. Coppedge to play one of two great videos (either "Unlocking the Mystery of Life" or "Privileged Planet") for evidence in the court.

* Christian Band's Speech Gets Principal Fired: An Iowa principal invited a Christian rock band to play at a school assembly and the band has the audacity to actually act like Christians espousing anti-homo anti-abortions speech. A special school board meeting was called and the principal resigned. (which is close enough  for government work... to being fired). One of the fundamental laws of the universe is that somebody's gotta be in the closet. So Bob points that either the homosexuals or the Christians will be in the closet.

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