Stages of Grief, Stages of War

* Stages of Grief: Bob describes alleged conservatives Bernie Goldberg and Michael Gallagher as struggling through the various stages of grief after the election. Yet these men are confusing the anger stage with the denial stage.

* Israel, the Chosen People, and Today's War: Bob discusses Israel's killing today of the Hamas military commander, and the developing hostilities in the Middle East. Meanwhile, Bob announced a brand new BEL resource, titled Chosen: It's Not What People Think. With this resource, BEL is going beyond our standard 30-day money back guarantee. Regardless of your doctrinal view on predestination and free will, we are so confident that most Christians are unaware of the astounding scriptural passages in this study, that if you're a believer who shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we will give you double your money back if you watch these studies, and then write to us within 30 days asking for double your money back because you were not satisfied and not significantly informed by these overlooked Bible lessons. This three-part series carefully notes the lessons from the chosen priests, the chosen kings, and the chosen people. Prepare to be amazed!

* Visits to Pro-life Profiles: American RTL's website,, saw visits to specific profiles during this election cycle as follows: The Mormon Church, 2,000 views; Ann Coulter, 6,000 views; Billy Graham, 7000 views; Sarah Palin 64,000 views; and Mitt Romney, 127,000 views.

Today's Resource: See Bob Enyart's Predestination & Free Will DVD! Has God planned all events? Is your life following a complete script, written before you were born? Has it been decided in advance which, if any, of your children will go to heaven or hell? This video is a lively debate between Bob and Brian Schwertley about how God interacts with His creation!.