Calvary Chapel Pastor Dave on BEL

* A Tremendous Outpouring of Support from Castle Rock Church: Encouraged by Pastor Dave Love of Calvary Chapel Castle Rock, many hundreds of their church members signed the Personhood petition to protect every child by love and by law! Pastor Dave summarized for our audience his sermon from Sunday morning out of Luke chapter 1 adding important insights to what appears online at and #fetus-has-feelings.

* Twelve Days 'till Turn-In of Personhood Signatures: After our initial petition turn-in on July 9th, we need thousands more signatures to get personhood on the ballot! So PLEASE TODAY get a petition by calling 303-456-2800 and get five or ten signatures (or more)! Then simply get it notarized (takes 2 minutes) and return it to us at the address on the petition. If mailing, MAKE SURE it's postmarked by July 31st! If physically returning it, MAKE SURE it's in by August 3rd! Other questions? Just call or email us! And please, make a donation to CRTL right now! (This fight is expensive. NOT ONE of the Colorado RTL officers, board members, or spokespeople get paid. There is nothing wrong with pro-life leaders getting paid. But because the pro-life movement has lost it's way after raising hundreds of millions of dollars, CRTL is committed to fighting the wickedness of child killing as a labor of love for the Lord and for the innocent without financial incentive.)

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