Ken Goes Scott Free

* Ken Scott Slays Goliath: Obama's Justice Department spent hundreds of thousands and sicced no less than five federal prosecutors on Ken Scott (and other prolifers) in an attempt to sue him in civil court for the "crime" of obstructing the entrance to Planned Parenthood even though obstruction is a criminal and not a civil matter. In an epic victory for Scott, the feds were forced to drop all charges without prejudice (meaning they can never file these charges against Ken again). Scott's lawyer, Peter Breen from the Tomas More Society, said it's "a complete and total victory" and was "an outstanding capitulation." In one part of the trial, Judge Philip Brimmer severely admonished one of Kens alleged victims, a security guard for Planned Parenthood who was a police officer for many years and carries a gun, because he said that he was "afraid of Ken."

* Jo Scott Buries Goliath: Ken and Jo Scott have been the victims of many false charges. But, as Ken says, "Some people are called to [foreign nations] to be missionaries (and) the Lord has called Jo and I to be missionaries here in the US for unborn children." And though Jo was wrongly convicted of breaking the bubble law (through entrapment), she has saved hundreds of babies of which many have grown up and call her Auntie Jo or Grandma. Ken and Jo obey God's command to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves (Proverbs 31:8-9).

* Support Ken in Another Trial: On April 4th at 3:30PM three Appellate Judges will hear motions on charges against Ken and another man on charges of trespassing. It will be at the University of Denver Law School in front of 150 students. Ken would love to see some of his supporters there but you'll have to make reservations by calling us here at Bob Enyart Live. It's 1-800-8Enyart or 1-800-836-9278.

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Today's Resource: Bob presents Raising Godly Children, a 3-part video teaching series for parents on raising children to honor God.