Moving the Lexicon Right


* Being Frank with Ann: Bob lost his mind a decade ago, and Ann in New Jersey got saved! Now she’s preparing to meet the Lord. Praise God! 

* Capital Punishment: Bob and co-host Doug McBurney reminisce about their arrest at the Colorado Capital while telling a group of homosexuals to “know your pro-choice rights”. Bob and Doug thank the police for saving their lives, and the alcoholic judge for contributing show material. 

* Evolution in the Home-school: Bob and Doug discuss whether or not home-school, Christian parents should include evolutionary theory in their children’s curriculum. You might be surprised at what you hear.

* A Loving Rebuke: Bob gives a loving rebuke to a female presidential candidate who insisted God was giving her a points-spread regarding the upcoming election.

* Forcing the Issue: Please donate to help us put these powerful pro-life commercials on the air in Denver during the upcoming Superbowl, (it’s the next best thing to TimTebow being there)!

* Another Click to the Right: During an analysis of the CNS News report on Barry Ho celebrating the infanticide of 50 million kids, Bob and Doug notice that the Personhood Movement has forced the leftist media to confront the truth about “birth” control and abortion exceptions. Moving the world to the Right indeed!

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