Where Are Our Shepherds - Pt II

* Judgment Begins... Where are our Shepherds?Co-Author Gregory Thompson gets to the sad truth regarding today's supposed Christian leaders on air with guest host Gregg Jackson. And here's a note from fellow author Coach Dave Daubenmire:

I will paraphrase Rev. Father John Corapi's very important truth for Christians, "Every Christian, faithful to the Gospel, has the moral obligation to bear witness to the truth. 'In season and out of season, convenient or inconvenient,' accepted or rejected.  This mandate is nothing new, of course, it's as old as the Old Testament, and as new as the New Testament.  Nonetheless, I'm afraid that it has become more necessary than ever to remind ourselves of it."

"You should be very ashamed; if you continue your ways, or continue to do nothing while children are being murdered, and Souls are at risk of eternity."  "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free (John 8:32)."

"They beat themselves" is a common refrain one is likely to hear after watching a sporting event.  As is so often the case, a team usually gets beat because they provided too many opportunities for the opponent to be successful.  Sadly that is the position that the American Church finds herself in today.  Dr. Gregory Thompson, spells out for all who have the courage to look at the truth that America is in the position that we are in because the minds of our children have been "intercepted" because of our unwillingness to "tackle" the enemy in the battle for truth. 

-Dave Daubenmire
Author and Radio Talk Show Host

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