Dressing Down the Wolf

* Prerequisite to Today's Show: You'll want to hear yesterday's show with Jim from Parker before listening to today's program.

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing* Jim from Parker and Bob Dialogue: After yesterday denying that the wolf in sheep's clothing is more deadly, today Jim discussed politics and principles of right and wrong with Bob Enyart, including the topic of negotiables vs. absolutes. Jim seems to have an absolute commitment to the political process but sees God's enduring command Do not murder as a second-tier negotiable matter. Bob argues that the nation that slaughters its children does not deserve a better standard of living, and that to vote for a child killer because he will give you an improved economy is a great affront to God and is no better than the German who knew that Hitler was bad but voted anyway for the National Socialists because they had a better economic plan. How'd that work out for them? And how's it working out for America's Christians, putting money above innocent blood? And Bob quoted Solomon, "Better is a little with righteousness, than vast revenues without justice" (Proverbs 16:8). Bob and Jim did find some common ground on today's broadcast, although the fundamental difference still looms between the two men. Please pray for them.

Hierarchy of Hermeneutics* Reminders: The Republicans wrote and passed Roe v. Wade; filled the federal courts with "pro-choice" judges; and under pro-life George W. Bush gave hundreds of millions of dollars more to the nation's largest abortion chain than did the Democrats during the eight years of the Clinton administration.

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