Caller Debates War Principles vs Cliches

* Debating the Rules for Justifiable War: Dave from Denver and Bob Enyart debate the rules by which men can know whether a war is justifiable.

* Bob Posted this on Obama Challenged: "As the pastor of Denver Bible Church in Colorado, I challenge president Barack Obama's statement about Muslims that, "The overwhelming majority want... tolerance." Is he unaware that the entire country of Saudi Arabia censors religion even to the banning of non-Islamic houses of worship? With it's Islamic government, with Muhammad's tomb, and called "the land of the two holy mosques" in Mecca and Medina, it is official Islam's most holy nation. And yet, Obama is silent, as are the Islamic leaders and hundreds of millions in the Muslim masses, over the religious discrimination and lack of tolerance is Saudi Arabia." -Pastor Bob Enyart, Denver Bible Church, Colorado, USA

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