Personhood Wins Colo Primaries

Headline News with Bob Enyart: Today's show excerpts Ed Hanks' analysis of the Colorado GOP's primary races last night, but first, Bob talks about...
- Mecca's Islamic Clock Tower hopes to displace Greenwich at the prime meridian (see Bob's comment just below)
- One out of every 50 deaths in Holland are at the hands of Dutch doctors euthanizing them
- Another Boogeyman Story in the News Today, with the UN Climate folks urging folks to eat bugs
- Small middle-class California town making it's bureaucrats rich of the backs of it's residents

* Bob's Comment Posted at the Telegraph website under the Mecca Clock story: Now in Mecca all worshipers, including Christians, Jews, and Muslims, can look up from their places of worship and see the worldwide official time! ... Oh, wait... Mecca doesn't allow synagogues to be built :(  In fact, the Muslim government of Saudi Arabia does not allow Christians to build a church anywhere in the ENTIRE COUNTRY. Yet the media spreads the blatant falsehood that Islam is tolerant. As an American, I say let's keep GMT in Greenwich where it belongs. :)

* Ed Hanks’ Analysis of Colorado GOP Primary: The full article is at Ed's pro-personhood blog Excerpts:

...a big win for Personhood... The biggest victory for Personhood today was Ken Buck, for U.S. Senate.  Opponent Jane Norton had endorsed Personhood... but on her website she endorsed abortion in cases of rape and incest, which is a stand entirely opposed to the concept of Personhood.

* Americans United for Life... had endorsed Jane Norton. That was the first endorsement of any candidate that organization had made in four decades [CRTL: although because of a supreme court ruling now permitting them to do so]. Why did they endorse her? Because of Colorado Right to Life and the Personhood movement! AUL realized that if the winner of the primary for the U.S. Senate was a candidate who supported the Personhood strategy, instead of their compromised regulation strategy, it would be the beginning of the end for their control over the regulatory process... Why prefer a candidate with exceptions over a candidate who would protect the life of the unborn from conception forward -- NO exceptions?  Americans United for Life endorsed Jane Norton specifically because she wasn't 100% pro-life!  This was a key race for them... and they lost. Personhood won.

* Another key victory was in the Governor’s race, where we now know there will be two candidates on the November ballot who support Personhood – Dan Maes and Tom Tancredo.  Scott McInnis... there were always doubts on our side...

In the 6th State Senate District... Ellen Roberts is the most pro-abortion Republican in the Legislature today... It’s best if the pro-abort winner is “their pro-abort” (i.e. a Democrat) not “our pro-abort” (a Republican), because that will make it easier to put a pro-lifer into that seat in 4 years. [CRTL agrees with Ed Hanks and adds that: Our mass murderer is never better than their mass murderer.]

Despite his claims, Ryan Frazier... 7th Congressional District... is not pro-life...

Nevertheless, three of the seven candidates for districts in Congress are on record as supporting Personhood – Cory Gardner, Doug Lamborn and Mike Coffman...

In the State House, a critical primary in a three way race was won by pro-Personhood Chris Holbert, who... beat a pro-abortion opponent with lots of money...

Another State House primary was won by pro-Personhood Ray Scott over his opponent who was widely believed to be pretending to be conservative, and who refused to sign on with Personhood.

In the State Senate, two Personhood candidates defeated their opponents.  Kevin Grantham in Pueblo and Canon City won against a pro-abortion opponent. And in Pueblo itself Vera Ortegon won easily against her opponent who... had rape & incest exceptions.

Overall, 11 out of 19 Republicans running for the State Senate this year are pro-Personhood, and there may be more we don’t know about, or who will sign on later. And in the House, 17 out of 65 candidates are on record as supporting Personhood, but probably twice that actually do, and just haven’t gone on record.

Compared to just 2 years ago, there are probably twice as many candidates for the Legislature who are supporting Personhood and most the Republicans at the top of the ticket (Senate, Governor, Congress) are supporting Personhood now whereas very few did so just 2 years ago.

The whole game has changed with regard to Personhood.  With these key Republican figures supporting Personhood, it’s likely Amendment 62 will also do much better at the ballot box in November. [CRTL note: In 2008 CRTL mailed out thousands of voter education cards that exposed "pro-life" candidates who opposed personhood.]

See Ed Hanks' full report at 

* RELATED NEWS: CRTL has a long memory and has seen many election cycles where Republicans campaign in the primary as conservative pro-lifers, and then they become moderates in the general election, and then they govern as liberal pro-aborts once in office. With the encouraging primary results in, Leslie Hanks, Colorado Right To Life's sponsor of the personhood Amendment 62 stated, "Unlike Jane Norton, Ken Buck says he wants to protect all unborn kids, even the child fathered by a criminal. Now if Ken Buck stands strong, we'll stand with him. And Scott McInnis lied about not even being a member of Republicans for Choice, when in reality he led them promoting abortion. In contrast, Dan Maes was first to endorse Colorado's personhood Amendment 62, and we see Dan as a man who will keep his word to protect every child."

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