See A62 Booth at State Fair

* To Hear Bob on KHOW radio, click "hear Bob": Bob with Caplis and Silverman Against School Birth Control: On KHOW radio yesterday with Dan Caplis & Craig Silverman, you can hear Bob (beginning at 22 minutes in) argue against the Denver school promoting sex to children by giving condoms, birth control pills, and the abortion pill Plan B to children beginning at age twelve. (By the way, have you ever noticed that their show's webpage, the one that you get to from KHOW's home page, doesn't even display their names? And for two lawyers, I guess we shouldn't be surprised that even the name of their show doesn't appear, except in the fine print.)

* Visit the Amendment 62 Booth 8-27 to 9-6: Beginning tomorrow, Fri. Aug. 27th through Mon. Sept. 6th, in Pueblo at the Colorado State Fair, you'll be able to help out Dee Waite and the Colorado RTL and Personhood Colorado volunteers at the campaign's booth on the first floor of the Agriculture Palace. Of course you can just drop by and say hello, or drop by and help out in the booth, but even better, please let Donna at the CRTL office know that you're going to visit and perhaps she can help schedule you for a shift, anytime from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. throughout the eleven days of the fair!

* Breaking News: Tom Tancredo's running mate for Lt. Governor, Pat Miller, has just endorsed Colorado's personhood Amendment 62!

* Dee Waite Urges You to Come On Out and Join a Weekly Literature Drop! Or arrange a weekly lit drop in your own town and we'll add you to this list. At each event we have a great time passing out the A62 literature in a neighborhood. So let's meet at...

Arvada: Sat. 7:30am / Wed. 5:30pm McDonald's, Kipling & 58th 303-463-7789
Northglenn: Tue. 6:00pm  McDonald's at 104th & Huron 303-550-8170
Thornton: Thu. 6:00pm  McDonald's at 120th & Colo Blvd 720-936-3742
Arapahoe County: Wed. 6:00pm McDonald's at Parker & Arapahoe 303-489-9203
Denver: Mon. 7:00am / Sat. 7:00am 7-11 at 7th & Quebec 720-837-7917 (details)

* Today’s Resource: Gregg Jackson's review is in! Regarding Focus 3, Gregg says, "Stigmatize, evangelize, criminalize! The American Right To Life three-prong strategy to end abortion is brilliant! This DVD is a must see!" JUST RELEASED: You can get Focus on the Strategy 3 as well as Focus on the Strategy 1 & 2 DVD combo containing the blockbuster analysis of pro-life and political strategy. Focus on the Strategy, advertised by other ministries as the DVD of the Century, is the blockbuster analysis of Christian political strategy, filmed before a live audience of 300 Christian activists in which Bob Enyart reveals the presentation he gave at Focus on the Family to Tom Minnery, VP of Public Policy for Dr. James Dobson. And the sequel, film festival finalist Focus on the Strategy II, with its dozens of video and audio clips which has extraordinary endorsements from many Christian leaders as the must see video for everyone who wants to end 'legalized' abortion. Now, Focus 3 presents the three-pronged strategy of how to end abortion! Please watch these vitally important DVDs and consider getting a set for a friend!