Same Old People, Same Old Lies

*Jo Scott and Leslie Hanks sit in for Bob today after attending the
No on 62 pep rally for death at the Capitol.

The same old people, the same old lies, the same old
tired slogans ~ protecting fertilized eggs, prosecuting for
miscarriages, using the issue to force religion down their throats.

Ahem, didn't we hear their "Reverend" from the Shorter AME
Church open her speech with, "This is the day the Lord has made"?

And didn't we hear from Jeremy Shaver of the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado?


Are they injecting religion into the promotion of killing the most innocent, as though
God would approve?

A baby was saved at the mill today, in spite of the efforts to lead the women from
Burma into their evil death trap.

Praise God some truth was told today at the rally for child killing ~ you might see
some in the press but you know you will always hear it on Bob Enyart Live!!

Thanks, Bob!