RSR: A Horse is a Horse Of Course

Smallest horse* A Horse is a Horse Of Course Of Course: Bob Enyart blindsides :) his co-host Fred Williams with topics from the great January - March issue of Creation magazine. Fred has a fun time on this episode of Real Science Radio addressing:
 - The full-grown tallest and smallest horses (6.5 vs. 1.5 ft) did not evolve from one another
 - The balanced birth ratio of boys and girls argues against polygamy
 -  Google maps helps identify 200-mile wide flood debris patterns
 -  Non sequitur from former atheist Carl Sagan: The earth is insignificant so be kind
 -  White blood cells have millipede-like legs that sense and move to infections
 -  10-year old girl has full vision with half a brain, indicating design and not 'selection'
 -  Ancient lava flow from global catastrophe equaled MSH x 500,000 (Mt St Helens * .5M)
 -  Evolutionists: Darwin was wrong about the appendix, so CORRECT the textbooks already
 -  "Preponderance of scientific evidence:" kids raised without religion believe in creation

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