Stu Epperson is OK with the IRS gag rule on pastors

* Stu Epperson's Audience Agrees with Pastor Bob: On Stu's syndicated talk show, Denver Bible Church pastor Bob Enyart condemns the liberal IRS gag-rule against pastors. Surprisingly, Christian talk show host Stu Epperson defends that liberal notion, antithetical to the behavior of God's men in Scripture and to the pulpits of America's founding, agreeing with Hillary, Hollywood, humanists and homosexuals, that pastors should not oppose or endorse men for government roles, regardless of whether those men are godly, or national socialists. Heavens to Murgatroyd. All of Stu's callers agree with Bob as does the leading Christian legal ministry Alliance Defense Fund through their Pulpit Initiative.

* BEL Flashback with Greg Koukl: Bob Enyart urges Greg Koukl to recognize his own moral relativism in a discussion on Stu Epperson's syndicated show.'s Greg Koukl defended Rudi Giuliani, an aggressively pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, anti-Christian worldview candidate, as acceptable to Christian voters. Koukl denies that Giuliani is a mass murderer and denied the parallel between Koukl's own position and that of the Herodians of the New Testament. To start the debate, Bob asked Greg, "What if Rudi Giuliani is the Republican nominee, should Christians support someone like Rudi Giuliani?" Greg spent the whole show answering that question in the affirmative, stipulating only that his answer applies if two candidates in the running are Rudi and a Democrat candidate like Hillary Clinton. Bob characterized Greg's position as moral relativism.

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