Eclipse & Reason

* Nina Totenberg Begs Forgiveness: for allowing the name of Christ to pass her foul mouth. And Bob's guest host Doug McBurney grants it.

* Wiccans of the World Unite
: The wiccans, pagans and other deviants may be united in thier false religion and rebellion against the Living God, but they can't seem to agree on the precise timing of the last sacred winter solstice/lunar eclipse.

* Hail to the Queen: The ink isn't even dry on the Democrat, (and 6 RE-Pulicans) deal to sodomize the US Military and noted de-vangelical Jimmy Carter is already claiming the American presidency for the queers!

* Garbage in.. Evidence Out
: The FBI is training trash men to to be vigilant in looking out for evidence of criminal activity. Who do you trust?

Today’s Resource
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