Claire Culwell Survived, Now on BEL


* Claire Culwell Survived an Abortion Attempt
: Young Christian woman Claire Culwell traveled from Texas to Colorado to speak on behalf of unborn chldren. Twenty two years ago her 13-year old mother was brought to a clinic and the abortionist succeeded in killing her twin (brother?) but thankfully, he missed her. Weeks later, she was scheduled to be killed but the abortionist, unlike George Tiller, Warren Hern, or others, did not perform such a late "termination." Claire survived and encourages Colorado's pro-lifers to vote yes on our personhood Amendment 62!

*Amendment 62 Campaign Sues the State: Personhood Amendment 62 co-sponsors Guabe Garcia Jones and Colorado RTL's Leslie Hanks sue the state government for bias. The legislature mails to every voter a "Blue Book" to describe Colorado's ballot initiatives and the bias against all this year's conservative initiatives is so severe that it actually says that Amendment 62 would limit healthcare to women for miscarriages. They're just so wicked, they deserve to be sued. Great job guys!

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* A62 Campaign Status Report
: Check out the latest at, register for CRTL's Oct. 2nd banquet, and join a weekly lit drop!

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