Rerun: DPost: Buck Loses RTL Endorsement

Due to technical difficulties, KLTT radio re-ran yesterday's BEL program...

* Denver Post: Buck Loses Right To Life Endorsement: Today the Denver Post reports American Right To Life yanks Buck Endorsement. Why? Ken Buck says that it's not the right time to support personhood because too many judges are pro-choice, and that if elected he will confirm pro-choice judges.

* Just like the Democrats Use the Poor
: and have policies that exacerbate poverty, Republicans have turned abortion into a perpetual fundraiser.

* Bob Airs the Entire Call from Will from Denver: Will is upset with Bob because Ken Buck supports child killers. Reading this article, Burning Buildings and Half a Loaf, at ARTL's website enables folks to answer the Will's cliche: don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good. (It's not good, the thousands of children who would be killed by the "pro-choice" judges whom Ken Buck admits that he would confirm.)

* Trash the Blue Book Event: Bob reports on today's great Trash the Blue Book press conference at the Colorado capitol where the group exposed the outright lies in the state's official ballot guide and recommended voters get their information from the!

* Join a Weekly Literature Drop for Colorado's Personhood Amendment 62! with Bob Enyart or arrange a weekly lit drop in your own town! See the details!

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