Ann Coulter and Bed Buggery

* Welcome WorldNetDaily to the Ranks Rebuking Ann Coulter: For years Bob Enyart has agreed with American RTL and other Christian leaders in showing that Ann Coulter has helped promote extremist pro-homosexual and pro-abortion influence within the Republican Party. Publisher Joseph Farah is showing tough love to  Coulter. After all, what other kind has any chance of reaching her?

* See American RTL Warnings About Ann Coulter:
- YouTube video: A link to that stunning Ann Coulter Hang-Ups video, where Ann refuses to answer four conservative talk shows hosts. She can manhandle liberal hosts, but Ann cuts and runs when the challenges come from the right. ARTL's lays out the case that she's been supporting liberalism within the Republican party, including aggressively pro-abortion and homosexual-marriage leadership.
- Press Release: And see American RTL Rebukes Ann Coulter.
- And Coming Soon [now!] to a Browser Near You:

* Media Report: Are Terrorists Dropping Bed Bugs in NYC?

* Mike from Colorado Springs: brings up the topic of whether or not a war is constitutional. Mike said he's a Christian, and Bob asked a question that Mike refused to answer (although he's still invited to answer this on air). Wars can be judged by God's standard, and by man's standard. Which judgment ultimately prevails as to whether a war is just or unjust, God's or man's judgment? Bob asked this question in order to remove some of the complexity from the question of whether or not a war is just or unjust. Thousands of nations that have fought thousands of wars throughout history. On Judgment Day will these actions be judged primarily on human or divine standards? Bob would like Mike to agree that the question of whether or not a war is just is answered foremost by evaluating it based on God's standards of right and wrong. Then, constitutional questions can be looked at, but they become secondary to a biblical evaluation. After all, as Mike would agree, right and wrong did not pop into existence on the day when the constitution was ratified.

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