Missionary to Mars

* Two Tickets to Paradise? Bob’s guest host Doug McBurney analyzes a new report from the Journal of Cosmology positing the idea of one way rocket missions to colonize Mars. Doug solicits and gets nominations for the inaugural trip. Find out why Snookie from “Jersey Shore” avoids the list, but Sarah Palin and Focus on the Family CEO Jim Daly are asked to please, just go.

* Unrequited Longing: L.A. Style: When hapless romantic Francisco Hernandez popped the question to young Stacy amidst the quiet ambiance of the Burger Stop in Los Angeles, he never dreamed she’d say no! Find out how this victim of a Godless education chose to handle such a socially delicate situation using only a sidewalk, a pickup truck and a bouquet of flowers…

* Free Range Rangel: Find out what happens when a thief like Charlie Rangel is brought before a panel of fellow thieves and asked to disavow, somehow explain, or otherwise prevaricate in order to prevent the embarrassment his fellow thieves might experience should they be discovered due to his unfortunate indiscretion.

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* Post-show Note on Mars: In the fourth round of Bob Enyart's written debate with atheist AronRa, taking the opportunity from Aron's claim that, "We know for certain that the world-wide flood never happened..." Bob stated:

* Mars: Contrast that certainty with scientists claiming massive flooding on Mars which today is a globally frozen desert. Yet NASA speaks of the Land of Noah (Noachis Terra) on Mars and its watery Noachian Epoch when fountains of the great deep "burst" forth onto the surface. Really. And in addition to the proposed "global-scale" mid-latitude glaciers, there were "giant floods," a "catastrophic flood" or even "catastrophic floods that"¦ occurred nearly simultaneously" which "merged into an ocean" and that this "action of water on and near the surface of Mars occurred for hundreds of millions of years"¦ and possibly global in extent." But then, NASA asks, "where has all that water gone?" And they suggest that those fountains just might burst forth again because perhaps the water was "absorbed into the ground." So there is a great irony that with 70% of the Earth covered with water, naturalists incessantly ridicule any proffer of evidence of a worldwide flood here, and before the chuckling has even died down, the same critics will affirm the possibility of nearly global flooding on bone-dry Mars.

* Earth: On our planet continents are covered nearly a mile deep in sedimentary strata, often with thousands of square miles of sharp contrast between horizontal layers, frequently with massive swaths of such intersections, called "flat gaps," showing little or even no evidence of erosion between those layers, and with scores of peer-reviewed articles claiming discovery of original biological material from strata allegedly tens of millions of years old (apparently all of which contains 14C and primarily non-racemized left-handed amino acids). These strata contain billions of dead things rapidly buried, such as millions of closed-shelled clams, and seashells atop the world's major mountain ranges, and millions of mammoths buried around the arctic circle, and millions of nautiloids buried in a single narrow limestone layer at the Grand Canyon. Yet secularists posit that Mars (which might have the equivalent of eight inches of water if evenly spread over the surface from the ice at the poles and the ice presumed to be below ground) may have had global-scale flooding. And the same scientists mock anyone who offers evidence that the Earth (which is more than two-thirds covered in ocean water that averages a depth of 2.5 miles) could ever have been flooded.