41 of 100 Births to Unmarried Women

* 42 Million on Food Stamps; 41% Born to Unmarried Women: Kids set up to fail; safety net becomes a hammock; Christian leaders confused... and worse; Wayne Grudem endorsed aggressively pro-homosexual marriage, liberal, pro-Romneycare, pro-abortion Mitt Romney. Sad for Wayne.

* The Denver Post Poll Looks Like Intentional Fraud: Any Denver Post subscribers or advertisers who would like to consider a class-action lawsuit against the paper for intentional fraud, please:
- First see the BEL analysis of the Denver Post's 2010 Election Survey report.
- Then if you're a subscriber or advertiser and you'd consider being part of a lawsuit, please contact BEL.
10-6-10 UPDATE: According to a new poll, even 1 in 4 DEMOCRATS want to REPEAL Obamacare. The evidence is growing that the Denver Post perpetrated a fraud on Colorado voters trying to rob the momentum of conservatives in 2010 to protect life and oppose borrowing, taxing, and Obamacare.

* Loveland, Colorado's Official Tax-Subsidized Religious Bigotry:

10-5-10: UPDATE: Loveland residents attending their city council meeting report to KGOV that in fact the "Romantic Cannibals" exhibit does have an element offensive to Muslims, depicting Mohammad watching two bikini-clad pigs dancing. And here's our original report from yesterday, 10-4-10:

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