Gloves Off on Mitt

* Who is it that's Not Viable? This week’s episode of Fox News Sunday featured a telling interview; telling in that it made clear to the conservative world that the Republican establishment, (Anne Coulter aside) no longer considers Mitt Romney a viable candidate, and will no longer be propping him up, or carrying his water. Hear Mitt dance around the topics that got short shrift in his book, you know minor things like: socialized medicine, homosexuality, abortion.

Co-host Doug McBurney congratulates Bob and American Right to Life, along with Steve Deace, John Haskins and Greg Jackson for putting Romney’s career out of our misery! But Bob warns of other mainstream conservatives and organizations that have yet to repent of their support of a socialist, homo-loving, child killer wolf dressed up as a conservative shepherd.

* Personhood is the most significant social movement of your lifetime. Will you go down in history as one who fought to end the systematic dehumanization and murder of an entire class of citizen? Or will you stay on the couch in your comfort zone? If you live in any state in America, you can advance personhood via the 2010 ballot or in one of three different ways. If you live in Colorado prepare for the possible "curing period" by calling or e-mailing Personhood Colorado or Colorado Right to Life and letting them know how many signatures you can get if they need you.

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