RSR Takes On Nature's 15 Gems

* Real Science Radio Takes On Nature Magazine's 15 Gems of Evolution: Co-hosts Fred Williams with Creation Research Society, and Bob Enyart, on this episode of Real Science Radio talk through all fifteen of Nature magazine's list of their claimed strong evidences for evolution. And thanks to Casey Luskin for his podcasts at ID The Future with his great rebuttal of the 15 gems!







* See the Evolution of Whales
: at Fred William's website,! Post-show note: See Dr. Carl Werner interview on video the scientist who re-constructed a proposed whale ancestor and gets an admission that there was no evidence for the dramatic "whale like" features he added and which he now discounts. Call BEL at 1-800-8Enyart to order the fabulous science DVD by Dr. Werner, Evolution: The Grand Experiment Vol. I.

* Special Editions of Real Science Friday:
- BEL's famous List of Not-So-Old Things
- Bob's debate with Christian Darwinist British author James Hannam
- PZ Myers blogs against Real Science Radio so Bob hits back with the Trochlea Challenge
- Waiting for Darwin's Other Shoe: Evolution mag's cover story Darwin Was Wrong on the Tree of Life
- Microbiologist in Studio: Bob talks with the Creation Research Society Quarterly editor about new genetic findings
- Caterpillar Kills Atheism: describe how a bug could evolve to liquefy itself and then build itself into a flying creature
- And see the RSR Offer of $2,000 to get 16 letters of the alphabet in their correct places; $500 paid in 1998; $1,500 in 2010...

* Notice: METAXAS TODAY on Beck: Even though BEL airs in the same timeslot, we're encouraging our listeners to watch this important broadcast on FNC today. Friend of the personhood movement, Eric Metaxas, will discuss the courageous Christian leadership and example of Dietrich Bonhoeffer on Glenn Beck's TV program!

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