James Hannam on Theistic Evolution - 3 of 3

*God's Philosophers author James Hannam: concludes his fascinating discussion with Bob Enyart about theistic evolution. Part 3 of 3. (See link to Part 1 below.)

* Handy Hannam Links:
- James Hannam's article on debating creationism with Bob Enyart
- Enyart's interview with Hannam on God's Philosophers
- Hannam & Enyart on Theistic Evolution Pt. I
- Hannam & Enyart on Theistic Evolution Pt. II
- Hannam & Enyart on Theistic Evolution Pt. III (this page)
- British author James Hannam's site: God's Philosophers (the medieval world and the foundations of science)

* Update -- Bob on the Pepperdine University Campus re Theistic Evolution: See rsr.org/pepperdine for the Summer 2015 event details or just see Bob's presentation right here:

* Today’s Resource
: Have you browsed through our Science Department in the KGOV Store? Check out especially Walt Brown’s In the Beginning and Bob’s interviews with this great scientist at rsr.org/walt-brown!