Real Science Radio: Comets Pt. II

Comet* Kevin Lea and Bob Enyart Discuss the Launch of Comets: In this special edition of Real Science Radio, Kevin Lea, with his background in nuclear physics, concludes his discussion with Bob about comets. (Hear Comets Part I.) They discuss the short lifespans of comets, their composition and orbits, all of which show that comets originated from Earth. The Bible records that the fountains of the great deep broke forth and flooded the Earth and, as it turns out, launched comets into space! Yes, every single comet came from Earth. Check out Walt Brown's fabulous chapter on The Origin of Comets!

* 2013 Update 1: Fun affirmation of Walt Brown's comet theory David Mathisen's comet in the asteroid belt blog!
* 2013 Update 2: Astounding affirmation of the Hydroplate Theory and comet chapter, in comet 1680/ISON's return! :)

* TODAY'S ANNOUNCEMENT: PERSONHOOD ON THE BALLOT!!  CONGRATULATIONS to Leslie Hanks and Gualberto Garcia-Jones of Colorado RTL and Personhood Colorado! The Colorado Secretary of State has certified that the pro-life Personhood Amendment 62, Definition of Person, will appear on the statewide ballot in November!

* 2013 Update 3: Meteoroids are not chips off of asteroids as many have been taught. Enjoy these four discoveries that suggest that meteoroids come from Earth. Just click and search (Ctrl-F) for: chips

* 2013 Update 4: Personhood is in back on the ballot in Colorado, as the Brady Amendment! Thank you Lord!

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