The Campaign Manager's Last Week's Needs

* Here's What Keith Mason Is Asking Us To Do: In this last week of the Amendment 62 personhood campaign, the campaign manager Keith Mason is asking us to do one or more of these four vital tasks:

1.  Call 10 Coloradans: Call your friends and ask them to vote Yes on Amendment 62 and make a list of ten folks who tell you that they will!
2.  Walking List
: Get a Walking List! We'll give you 50 addresses near your home so you can knock on doors of these most-likely Yes voters in your neighborhood and encourage them to vote! You can also give them an A62 flier. To do this, just email or call 303-456-2800 to get your Walking List!
Phone Bank : Please come for just a few hours to help on the Personhood Colorado phone bank. Just show up during any of these hours: Mon-Fri 5-8p; Sat 8-8p; Sun 2-8p at 8795 Ralston Rd, Arvada 80002 or feel free to call first, 303-456-2800!
: Give to Colorado Right To Life by calling 303-753-9394 or online at!

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