Recovering Conservatism

* Vet for Hire: After 20 years of service in the Navy Chief Paul Mileski has retired and moved to Denver to help with Personhood and the ministry of Denver Bible Church. Hear his account of searching for opportunities in Obama’s America. Paul is an experienced project manager, Russian translator and personnel manager. So if you have any ideas on how he can overcome the difficulties of unemployment in Barry’s economy please send him an e-mail.

* Personhood Round II: The enemies of the Living God are praying to gaya (or whatever idol heathen baby killers manifest in their dirty little minds) that Colorado Christians will fail in the effort to return Personhood to the ballot in 2010. So will it be round II or the sophomore jinx? The answer is up to every one of us in the battle! One battle nears its end as this is the final weekend for petitioning in Colorado… but the war is far from over!

* A Deductible Disorder: Guest host Doug McBurney finds it interesting that when a transgendered deviant aspires to normalcy, he’ll insist she was “born that way”. But when it comes to getting a tax deduction for medical expenses associated with their mutilation.. er “surgery”.

* Trouble With the Trees: An AP reporter finds it in his heart to refer to an ill-fated elm with the masculine pronoun, while reporters, journalism students and graduates alike can’t seem to find it in their hearts to refer to an child in the womb as a person.

* Better Late Than Never: We’re thankful that the people of the state of Ohio have finally receive justice in the case of murderer Mark Brown. But really governor, must it take sixteen years to carry out what should have been done within 3 days of his conviction?

* Help Personhood Efforts Get Signatures: The Deadline to mail Colorado Personhood petitions is Monday Feb. 9th Mail yours in today and call Colorado Right to Life to get more! If you live in Colorado, there’s still time for you to help circulate the Personhood Colorado & CRTL 2010 petition? We need your help! If you live in any other state, can you help to advance personhood via the 2010 ballot or in one of three different ways?

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