Ken Buck Breaks All Pro-life Promises

* At Least an Amendment Won't Lie to You: The documentation is all over the Internet, but apparently will be creating a /buck web page to put that information all in one place as documentation for an upcoming mailing on Buck's betrayal. Now he's said:
- that he would vote AGAINST the pro-life Amendment 62
- that he will NOT introduce an abortion ban; and
- that he will vote to confirm PRO-CHOICE judges who rule to keep child killing legal.

* He's Buckled Already: And what was he afraid of? All he's had to face is the abortion lobby and name-calling from a girly man like Michael Bennet who kills unborn children. God forbid that Buck ever made it to Washington with pro-life support because as sure as the sun sets in the evening, Buck would cave and vote to confirm a "pro-choice," "strict constructionist" judge who could be on the bench for forty years fighting to keep child killing legal. In that situation, Buck's hands would be stained by the blood of every child murdered with that judge's support. If Buck had wisdom, he would be thanking the pro-lifers who are exposing him now, before it is too late, for him.

* What's the Difference between an Amendment and Ken Buck? An Amendment won't lie to you!

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* A62 Campaign Status Report
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