Rerun: RSR: Microbiologist Kevin Anderson in Studio

* CRSQ Editor Kevin Anderson on Real Science Radio: Wow! Hear about the latest scientific findings on the human genome, junk DNA, and antibiotic resistance!  If you enjoy celebrating the creative genius of our God, you'll just love hearing the microbiologist editor-in-chief of Creation Research Society Quarterly, a refereed scientific journal, talk in studio with Bob Enyart about the latest in genetics! And if you're in Denver, come tonight to hear science expert Kevin Anderson speak on genetics at 7 p.m. on Wadsworth and 21st Street at the Bethlehem Lutheran Church sponsored by Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship!

* Personhood Pro-lifer Gunned Down in Michigan: Jim Poullion, Christian pro-life activist with Flip Benham's Operation Save America and fellow worker and friend of Cal Zastrow, Personhood USA and Michigan Citizens for Life, was murdered this morning by a 33-year old Michigan man angered by anti-abortion signs. Jim was holding a poster-sized photo of Jeremy Trewhella emblazoned with the single word LIFE in front of the Owosso High School when he was killed by Harlan Drake, whom the police later arrested after Drake had murdered another person. The poster carried by Poullion, ubiquitous at pro-life events, is of the son of pro-life hero and personhood advocate Matt Trewhella, longtime director of Missionaries to the Preborn.

For our RSR Friends: in case you miss other BEL programs, here are some of the atheists Bob Enyart has debated:
- ABC's Reginald Finley, called The Infidel Guy, from ABC's Wife Swap program; 3-26-07;
- TheologyOnLine's psychologist Zakath in a 10-round moderated written online debate, also available in soft cover;
- John Henderson who wrote the book 6-15-2006;
- Carlos Morales, Fox News, Huffington Post, etc. reports on U of Texas atheists Bible-turn in program, president of Atheist Agenda 7-14-10
- Freedom from Religion Foundation's Dan Barker (put the atheist sign near the Nativity at the capitol in Seattle) who was involved with the ministry of Kathryn Kuhlman, one of a group of so-called faith healers. (See a BEL listener who initially compared Bob to Benny Hinn until...) The BEL show was on 12-11-08;
- Michael Shermer, an editor with Scientific American and the Skeptic Society who in in this famous 73-second excerpt on BEL denied that the sun is a light, illustrating that it's tough debating atheists when they're hesitant to admit to even the most obvious common ground. 8-28-03

* Finally, a Comprehensive Listing: You're Invited to check out ARTL's March for Life Finder

Bob Debates Eugenie Scott, Ph.D.Today’s Resource: Have you browsed through our Science Department in the KGOV Store? Check out especially Walt Brown’s In the Beginning and Bob’s interviews with this great scientist in Walt Brown WeekYou’ll also love Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez’ 







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