Denver Post's 3-to-1 is Wrong; It's 2-to-1

* The Denver Post's 3-to-1 Headline is Wrong; Should be 2-to 1: The personhood loss in 2008 was closer to 3-to-1. But the increase in the personhood Yes votes in 2010 closed the gap to close to a 2-to-1 ratio! (See below.) Also, Bob answers Ms. Magazine's question about why there are fewer outspoken women atheists than men (because men are more reckless than women). And finally, Bob is glad that police arrested a guy with a hood over his head, as a reminder to everyone that Muslims should not be wearing masks or burqas in public (as per the law in Austria for example).

* Updated Election Analysis: The Secretary of State does not release the official vote count until Nov. 26th and until then, the public is using the differing 9News and Denver Post reports (showing different "percent reporting" numbers but with the same A62 vote tally). For now, we're expecting that A62 will come in at 30% of the vote. In the meantime, conventional wisdom claimed that only 15% would support a personhood 100% abortion ban. The "Yes on Personhood" vote grew by 10% as compared to our 2008 Yes votes, in that 27% of the 2008 vote is now 30% of the 2010 vote, and that encourages us! Now, in 2010, on Amendment 62, 30% of Colorado voted Yes to ban all abortion, and that is with the opposition of the biggest names in the pro-life industry. So the Post headline was wrong and A62 closed the gap from 3-to-1 to 2-to-1.

Denver Post headline gets ratio wrong; 3-to-1 closes to 2-to-1

(See the simple spreadsheet showing the Post's math error.)

Regarding Ken Buck's Close Loss: After breaking every pro-life campaign promise he made including by promising to confirm pro-choice judges if elected, Ken Buck told the Amendment 62 proponents, "I'm not going to cater to personhood for 2% of the vote."

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