Brit Hume on Jesus; Asha on BEL

* Brit Hume of Fox News Channel Witnesses to Tiger Woods: Longtime Fox News Sunday panelist and Fox anchor Brit Hume this week urged Tiger Woods to leave Buddhism and to convert to Christianity because Tiger needs Jesus Christ, for it is in Christ that the famous golfer can find forgiveness and reconciliation. Wow. Brit! Wow! Hear Brit's comments right here in this program on KGOV as Bob Enyart and Jo Scott discuss Woods, Hindus, and Cows.

* Asha of India: Bob welcomes Asha to America, and to his program. Asha talks about her native country, and its Hinduism, where cows are considered sacred, from tongue to dung. Hindus worship everything as gods, even plants, bugs, and rats, and so some will not even kill an insect, although killing unborn children is becoming increasingly prevalent. Asha's husband Duane has signed Colorado's personhood amendment petition, and Asha is registering to vote so that she can help to protect children by signing also, and she has agreed to receive some blank petitions from in order to get signatures to help us get personhood back on the ballot! As a Christian Asha shares the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ with others and has a special love for the people of India who enslave themselves to idols.

Child shares milk with "gods" at India's Rat Temple* False Religion Enslaves People: This child shares milk with "gods" at India's Rat Temple.

* Where Hinduism Reigns, Misery Rules: Two years after this program, on air Bob discussed the untouchables, Mahatma Ghandi, reincarnation, and the systemic misery that flows from Hinduism throughout in India. Bonus topic: "Islam a religion of peace and tolerance?" Where?

* Operation Rescue at the U.S. Senate: Operation Rescue members Ante and Cathy Pavkovic interrupted the first openly pagan prayer at the U.S. Senate. The resulting YouTube videos have gone viral, accumulating more than 500,000 views! While it is a challenge to raise your voice to be heard across a large room and especially, to (rightly) interrupt other goings-on, the Pavkovics spoke with passion and their sober words honored the Lord:

* Bob's Letter to the Prime Minister's Son: Here's the text of a letter Bob Enyart sent to to the son of the former Prime Minister of India, who he met and spoke with about Christianity for 90 minutes during BEL's Bible Tour of Turkey.

Dear Prof. Vishal Gujral,

Hotel Colossae hot tubWe met and spoke at length with you and your wife in Turkey in 2004 at the Hotel Colossae and that's easy to remember for me because it's not often a person meets the son of the prime minister of India [Inder Kumar Gujral]. We talked about Christianity, economics and history, as we soaked in a hot tub. I pray that you and your family are well. I was thinking of Asha from India who called into my talk radio program (which I've hosted daily for 20 years on one of America's top-ten most powerful radio stations, Denver's KLTT. I'm writing to encourage you to consider that a mountain of scientific evidence is growing against the theory of evolution, including from the extraordinary discoveries in genetics, and the [endogenous, extant] dinosaur soft tissue that paleontologists have recovered so far from a tyrannosaurus Rex, a hadrosaur,and archaeopteryx, which you can get an introduction to from our Real Science Radio program.

That's the main reason I've written. Also, below, I've pasted our show summary from the day that Asha called in, and I continue to pray for you Prof. Gujral that you will consider the evidence for Jesus Christ rising from the dead (and I'd be honored to mail to you our Mt. Moriah DVD presenting that evidence). 

In Christ, 

-Bob Enyart
PO Box 583
Arvada, CO 80001

p.s. Note to KGOV reader: I appended to my letter excerpts about Asha and the rats from above. And also, just fyi, during our hot tub discussion, I asked Prof. Gujral if we could test each other's worldviews, his Hinduism and my Christianity, by asking each other for explanations of why the world around us is the way it is. He agreed, and we had a wonderful discussion. I recall that we easily answered all of his questions and he could not answer ours. For example, Vishal asked us what was the answer to this question we put to him: "No communist government sets out to turn their nation into a prison, yet each one has, posting guards, often who will shoot to kill, who, like prison guards, do not allow citizens to leave. Our answer was that the God of the Bible teaches mankind to value truth, and justice, and freedom, in that prioritized order, whereas communists prioritize equality above all else. Yet freedom and equality are mutually exclusive, for when men have freedom, they will not be equal, and many will be wealthier, more popular, and more influential, than many others. On the other hand, it takes a prison to approximate equality among men. So following their godless worldview, communist governments deny freedom in their feigned attempt to achieve equality. But just as their is a significant hierarchy of inmates in any prison, so too Communist leaders are more equal than others, as they consolidate power and wealth. The government should treat people as equals, that is, before the law, whereas it becomes lawless when it tries to make people equal.

* A Christian Comments to a Hindu Krishna Consciousness YouTuber:

A Christian, Bob Enyart, comments to a Krishna Consciousness Hindu woman

* Brain Dead Patients Who've Recovered: Embedded in our page, our video happens to contain a minute on rather violent Hindus in India...

* "Bella" star Eduardo Verastege is Coming to Denver: Come out to hear Eduardo at Colorado's 2010 March for Life! on the steps of the Capitol downtown at noon on Friday, January 22, 2010! Come on out. We'll have a FABULOUS TIME of fellowship! (And if you live out of state, don't fret. Find some way of promoting Personhood on this horrific anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

* The Personhood Movement Has Exploded Into 40 States! So please help the state personhood efforts get the signatures they need to re-criminalize abortion! If you live in:
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Today's Resource: Please consider emailing this helpful video, Focus on the Strategy, to another Christian who may be an asset in the personhood movement after viewing this groundbreaking documentary!