Hemant Mehta Admits Being an Evolutionist by Faith

* Conclusion of Bob Enyart's Talk with Hemant Mehta: The author of I Sold My Soul on eBay completes his discussion with Bob Enyart, during which Mehta:
- effectively admits that he takes by faith that mankind originated by way of evolution
- doubts Bob Enyart's assertion that evolution teaches that wings evolved from legs
- sounds surprised that Darwinist governments killed millions of people and
- seemed to doubt that atheistic public policy enslaved millions and killed countless religious people.

* Regarding Atheism and Sexism: Mehta criticized churches for having men and women's groups that would meet to discuss different topics, and was very hesitant to agree to Bob's request to read this short quote from page 266 of The Descent of Man by Charles Darwin:

We must also infer... [that] the average of mental power in man must be above that of women. ... The chief distinction of the intellectual powers of the two sexes is shown by man’s attaining to a higher eminence, in whatever he takes up, than can woman- whether requiring deep thought, reason, or imagination, or merely the use of senses and hands... -Charles Darwin, sexist

* Typical Atheist Clichés Disproved in 8 Seconds or Less: For your reading pleasure, here's Bob Enyart's list of commonly heard atheist clichés, adapted from his debate at TheologyOnline with TOL's resident atheist and psychologist Zakath on the question of Does God Exist?

Atheist Cliché 1: There is no truth!
Theist Rebuttal: Is that true? [1 second]

Okay, well then...

Atheist Cliché 2: Truth is unknowable!
Theist Rebuttal: How do you know? [1 second]

Well then, for certain...

Atheist Cliché 3: There are no absolutes!
Theist Rebuttal: Absolutely? [1 second]

Well, okay, but...

Atheist Cliché 4: Only your five senses provide real knowledge!
Theist Rebuttal: Says which of the five? [2 seconds]

Touché. Got me there. Okay, well at least...

Atheist Cliché 5: Only the physical realm is real!
Theist Rebuttal: That claim itself is not physical, so it's self refuting. [3 seconds]

Atheist Cliché 6: Great suffering proves that a loving God cannot exist!
Theist Rebuttal: The unstated assumption is false, that suffering can have no value or purpose. [4.5 secs]

Atheist Cliché 7: Atheism is scientific, because science does not allow for a supernatural interpretation of an event!
Theist Rebuttal: This circular reasoning tricks atheists into assuming that which they thought they've proved. [5 seconds]

Atheist Cliché 8: Widespread evil proves that a righteous God cannot exist!
Theist Rebuttal: The two unstated assumptions are false: that love can be forced; and that some love is not worth enduring much hate. [6.5 seconds]

Atheist Cliché 9: If theists claim that the universe could not have always been here, then God couldn't have always been here either.
Theist Rebuttal: The natural universe is subject to the physical laws, so it would run out of usable energy; a supernatural, spiritual God is not subject to physics. [7.9 seconds]

"If your worldview can be dismantled within eight seconds, then get a better one." -Bob Enyart, adapted from TheologyOnline's Battle Royale VII: Does God Exist?

And in case you're interested in further discussion with atheists, Bob has also talked to:
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- Eugenie Scott, leading anti-creationist Ph.D. with the Nat'l Center for Science Education, exhumed 5-6-05;
- Michael Shermer, an editor with Scientific American and the Skeptic Society who in this famous 73-second excerpt on BEL denied that the sun is a light, illustrating that it's tough debating atheists when they're hesitant to admit to even the most obvious common ground. 8-28-03

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Post-show News: Abortion Clinic Employee Quits: Denver, Dec. 14, 2010: According to Colorado Right To Life member Jo Scott, at 8:50 a.m. an employee of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains exited their abortion clinic at 38th Avenue and Pontiac Street and loaded boxes into his car. As he drove out of the parking lot, Denver pro-life activist Ken Scott, Jo's husband, called out to him, "We don't hate you. We just want you to wake up. You need to repent and quit." The employee, an Hispanic male approximately 35 years old, rolled down his window and said, "I did wake up today. I know this is wrong. I got all my stuff here. I'm never coming back to this place." "And while this was happening," said Jo Scott, "a woman abortionist was driving into the parking lot. Now we've got to warn her and pray for her."

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