Of Stupidity and Sin

"Stupid doesn't make you sin but sin makes you stupid."

* Russia Fears U.S. Missile Shield Aimed At Moscow: Really. Bob didn't think that you would actually *aim* a shield at anyone (unless of course you're Captain America). 

Film frame of Captain America throwing shield. So, maybe Russia's right...

So, really Russia, how do you aim a missile shield AT someone? Sounds sorta funny, and paranoid. If it's true though, then Russia can thwart the entire U.S. shield effort, by just NOT FIRING at us!

* Jesus vs. the Treasury Secretary: Drunken sailors have finally given up trying to spend money like Obama. Jesus said, if you think you stand, take heed, lest you fall. And the U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner says that the U.S. will ‘never’ lose our AAA credit rating. “Absolutely not,” Geithner told ABC News. “That will never happen to this country.” Meanwhile, the annual Bush deficit is now Obama's average monthly deficit.

* Of Stupidity and Sin -- Which Produces Which More: Bob asks Porter from Denver which is the greater effect. Is it more likely that stupidity will produce sin, or that sin produces stupidity? Bob suggests that, because lower IQ folks do not tend to be more wicked than others, that it is sin that produces the colossal stupidity that we see all around us in the world.

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* Magazine Newsstand Sales Plummeting: Good. It couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of people. On the other hand, Creation Magazine is such a perfect publication, it reminds us of why they created magazines in the first place! But we don't want to overlook AIG's Answers Magazine, because we want to promote their great magazine also. It's true though, with Real Science Radio, we've gotten into such a wonderful habit of going through every issue, that we've simply fallen in love with it. So you'll want to go to Creation.com, and AnswersInGenesis.org and subscribe to both (we do)!

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