Prayer for a Firing Squad

* Killing the Messenger: America’s decision (and that of the Church), to tolerate pornography has made the internet a leading source of deadly pornography. Some say regulate the Web, but guest host DougMcBurney has an alternative to keep the internet free.

* His Honor Judge Lisping Vaughn Walker: Did you know the judge presiding over the trial to overturn California’s ban on homo-“marriage” is a homo? Thanks to WorldNet Daily for exposing what astute observers have suspected since opening instructions were lisped to lawyers in the case.

* You Can Lead a Slave to a Soccer Pitch: …but you can’t make him cheer… at least not with anything resembling genuine enthusiasm. Turns out North Korea has had to pay Chinese “fans” to attend the world cup, or else threaten their own citizens with death to get the fired up for the match.

* The Mark of the Beast: Can a believer obtain the mark of the beast by accident? Let’s look at the scripture…

* Of Ballers and Brawlers: Win or Lose, it’s curtains for tranquility in L.A. tonight…

* Praying for Ronnie: We here at KGOV pray that Firing Squad Friday serves the purposes of God and man.

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